Communications Workshops

Our workshops are designed to give you personal instruction to reach your own communication goals while having fun in the process.  You will reach your communication goals in a safe, supportive and highly effective setting with speaking and presentation workshops from MillsWyck Communications.

Each workshop is carefully designed to give you — and/or your team members — actionable tools and techniques guaranteed to increase your impact.   Whether you are creating a speech, delivering a speech, running a meeting, writing a critical email, or having a one-on-one conversation with a boss, client, or colleague, we have communication workshops that will equip you with the tools you need to reach your communication goals.  These highly interactive workshops help you learn to face a public audience, so you can deliver content in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

Training includes instruction, peer feedback, video evaluation, instructor coaching, group exercises and multiple practice sessions.  Remember:  excellent training plus consistent practice changes lives.

You can speak with Confidence, Power, and Ease. 

View our workshop list or simply call us at (919) 386-9238 to discuss how you can get started today.

What you will gain from our Communications Workshops. . . .

  • Positive reinforcement on skills that work
  • Techniques to handle your fear of public speaking
  • Techniques to engage your audience
  • Make presentations with ease
  • Learn how to design a presentation with key messages
  • Develop PowerPoint slides that engage your audience and reinforce your message
  • Learn how to answer tough questions
  • Get your team to hold more productive meetings
  • Send (and receive?!) more productive emails
  • Learn to enjoy and become effective at communication ALL THE TIME!

It’s no longer a luxury to have effective speaking skills, it is ESSENTIAL.

We are so confident in the changing power of our workshops that we will happily refund your investment if you are not thrilled with the results.

See a list of our public workshops and their dates.  To set up an on-site, corporate workshop contact us directly.