Speaking tips BOOKS

Tips for public speaking and presentations.

ALAN HOFFLER is the Executive Director and Principal Trainer at MillsWyck Communications. He is also a Keynote Speaker and the Author of two Speaking Tips books that will give you the tools you need to be great in your presentations and on the stage with any size audience:  Presentation Sin and Silver Goldfish. Practical Tips for public speaking and presentations.

Presentation Sin:

The Practical Guide to Stop Offending (and Start Impressing) Your Audience

Are you committing the most common presentation sins and UNKNOWINGLY offending your audience when you speak? This practical guide gives you 100+ tips EASY TO READ AND IMPLEMENT. Author Alan Hoffler offers a proven system and tested techniques that will have you impressing any audience. His collection of relatable stories from the trenches and communication tips are based on his 25-year career and his observations from thousands of hours speaking on stage, coaching speakers, and training in the classroom. Grab your copy and start impressing your audience today! 

Silver Goldfish:

Loud & Clear: The 10 Keys to Delivering Memorable Business Presentations

How do you avoid giving the typical boring presentation? You need the tools and the approach to delivering memorable presentations. People who want to be great at something… study and practice to get better. Filled with 64 tips, Silver Goldfish provides 10 keys and a six-step approach to coming across Loud & Clear when presenting.

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