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Anyone can become a GREAT communicator!

People who want to be great at something… study and practice to get better.  Here are some speaking tips resources that will help you master the art and skill of communication.  For those that want accelerated guidance, remember our workshops and coaching services give you specific training tailored to you.

speaking tips blog

We’ve written over 450 blogs on the topic of speaking and communication skills. Our blogs offer a practical, systematic approach that ANYONE can apply to speaking.

Podcast: one minute speaking tips

The MillsWyck Minute Podcast is designed for the busy speaker. Listen to weekly, one-minute speaking tips that you can apply to your next presentation, meeting, or one-on-one conversation.

ebook: 12 public speaking tips

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ebook: Reducing Anxiety When Speaking-8 Tips

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recommended reading list

Our top list of recommendations for books on communications, business, and professional speaking.

Case Study: The Real Cost of Email

How is inefficient email communication costing you and your company’s bottom line? Read our case study and use our email cost calculator.


What NOT to Say! A video series with a fun look at phrases that should never be uttered by a speaker.

book: Presentation Sin

A companion to the workshops we teach at MillsWyck Communications, Presentation Sin: The Practical Guide to Stop Offending (and Start Impressing) Your Audience includes 100+ tips EASY TO READ AND IMPLEMENT.

KEY5 Podcast

We recommend the KEY5 Speaker Podcast, a podcast for speakers by speakers. Our MillsWyck Minute Podcast is featured at the end of every Key5 interview.

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Presentation Sin:

The Practical Guide to Stop Offending (and Start Impressing) Your Audience

Are you committing the most common presentation sins and UNKNOWINGLY offending your audience when you speak? This practical guide gives you 100+ tips EASY TO READ AND IMPLEMENT. Author Alan Hoffler offers a proven system and tested techniques that will have you impressing any audience. His collection of relatable stories from the trenches and communication tips are based on his 25-year career and his observations from thousands of hours speaking on stage, coaching speakers, and training in the classroom. Grab your copy and start impressing your audience today! 

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