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Powerful communication skills are key to transformational leadership. Get started with our presentation skills training.

On-Site Corporate Training 


  • Are your managers great at managing but terrible in front of an audience?
  • Do you have technical experts who are experts in their field but can’t communicate their expertise to others?
  • Is your staff reluctant to appear at sales presentations or speak at industry meetings?
  • Do you have staff that run meetings poorly and inefficiently?
  • Do your employees define PowerPoint as their presentation?
  • Is email overload draining the productivity from your organization?

Corporations and organizations are judged by the people they employ. Employees are judged by their work and their ability to effectively communicate. Whether they are delivering a presentation, selling their ideas to management, presenting to staff, or giving an all-important sales pitch to a high-level client, your employees need effective communication skills to represent your company with competency and credibility. We offer on-site corporate training to assist you in developing your employees and giving them the communication skills they need to represent your company well.

Our corporate training workshops are carefully designed to give you — and/or your team members — actionable tools and techniques guaranteed to increase your impact. You will reach your communication goals in a safe, supportive and highly effective setting with speaking and presentation workshops from MillsWyck Communications.

Check out our most popular workshops or call us to customize workshops tailored specifically to fit your training needs. To set up on-site, corporate training for your organization, contact us directly.

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