MillsWyck Communications makes the following commitment to you about the maintenance and use of our web site:

  • If you email us or sign up for our newsletter, we will use your address only to communicate with you, and will not share that address without your permission.
  • We will use any information you give us only to conduct the business we are contracted to do and to communicate to you about products and services that we provide.
  • We will strive for a simple and functional web design.
  • We do not employ pop-up windows (WordPress plugins we use, may, although we attempt to minimize this).
  • We avoid putting cookies on your hard drive (again, WordPress may).
  • We do not attempt to extract any information from your computer.
  • We do not indiscriminately accept advertising.
  • We will not try to claim someone else’s content as our own.

If you have questions about our policies or a specific instance, we will communicate openly with you about your concern.


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