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Public Speaking Coaching and Training

Whether it’s making a sales presentation to close that deal, giving an effective powerpoint presentation, motivating your employees, or delivering that career-changing keynote speech, it’s all riding on your communication skills. It’s no longer a luxury to have effective speaking skills, it is essential.

Effective communicators provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for the listener, eliminate distracting verbal and non-verbal content, and deliver clear messages that demand action. Few of us naturally possess the skills, passion, and discipline to transmit our ideas with such clarity, charisma, and power. But with training and practice, virtually anyone can become such a communicator.

Communication matters. What are YOU saying?

You have what it takes. We can show you how!

On-site corporate training classes that will turn your managers and employees into communications rock stars, giving them the communication skills they need to represent your company well.

One-on-one coaching programs that will give you the skills you need to deliver clear, concise, and compelling messages. We have packages to fit wherever you are in your speaking ability, from the novice to the professional speaker.

Public workshops designed to give you personal instruction to reach your own communication goals while having fun in a safe, supportive and highly effective setting.

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Turning Fifty: My One Word for the Year

Turning Fifty may be the new Forty, but 2018 is here whether you like it or not!
It’s a new year and I’m turning fifty!  I love the fresh start of turning the calendar and contemplating what will be different in the next 365 days.  In recent years, I adopted the practice of picking One Word as my focus for the year.  I’ve been motivated to be Clean, Complete, Stretch, and Different.

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Pomp and Circumstance

I went to my first graduation in years yesterday (I don’t consider a kindergarten or elementary school graduation a real event worthy of such a title — there needs to be a diploma involved).  I was there to support a speaker and discovered that there were lots of students I have had in the graduate programs we teach also getting their diploma (and faculty I’ve worked with).

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The Role of Attitude in Speaking

Attitude is the single greatest factor in whether you can become truly great at any endeavor.
One of the negative aspects of my job is that I rarely get to see (live, anyway) the product of my efforts. If I train or coach a client, they are likely presenting at a location I cannot or will not attend.  Many times I pour significant effort and energy into an event that I will never witness.

Although I can’t […]

Seating is limited as some classes are kept small, early registration is recommended. View upcoming workshops and register for an event.

We have many speaking topics to choose from or we can customize a presentation for your organization. Topics are available in 30-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute, half-day, and full-day formats, and may be presented as a keynote speech, training seminar, workshop, webinar or conference breakout session. Book an engaging speaking event for your group.

Presentation Sin: The Practical Guide to Stop Offending (and Start Impressing) Your Audience

Presentation Sin: The Practical Guide to Stop Offending (and Start Impressing) Your Audience

Avoid the trap of presentation sins that are haunting most speakers. Get over 100 simple tips you can make to your communication skills that will easily turn you into a rock star on any size stage, whether you have an audience of one or one thousand.

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“I have a minor in Speech Communications that was earned by taking 60 hours of college level courses. That college level training didn’t come close to the practical skills I learned from Alan Hoffler’s Speaker Circle training at StepUp. I feel more comfortable and competent making presentations as a result of his training. I know I better represent StepUp and its mission when speaking to groups. And I have watched the entire Speaker Circle group transform their presentations from a series of “uh” and “so” to compelling and memorable stories. Without exception, I would recommend Alan Hoffler’s training workshops to anyone seeking improvement of their presentation skills.”
Linda Nunnallee, Executive Director, StepUp Ministry
“I have been fortunate to work with Alan on several occasions and have always found his support to be exactly what I needed. His classes are outstanding and I recommend them to anyone who speaks for a living. The content is excellent and the classes are not only powerful but fun. Recently, I asked Alan to coach me in the writing of an important speech. He was not only supportive and generous with his time, but he also has amazing insight. His guidance helped make my speech much more powerful than anything I could have written on my own. Thanks Alan!”
Stephanie McDilda, Flashpoint International
I attended Alan’s 2-day “Powerful, Persuasive Speaking” workshop. Wow. I’ve taken several very good public speaking courses in the past, but Alan’s class brought it all together for me. It made things click. It was like watching magic as Alan coached the participants—every single person improved dramatically. And the skills taught benefited not only formal public speaking, but interviews, meeting facilitation, and everyday conversations. I highly recommend Alan Hoffler and MillsWyck Communications to experienced speakers, novice speakers, and everyone in between. I look forward to more coaching from Alan in the future!
Karin Wiberg, Clear Sight Consulting
Essential for your personal development. Do not fear the class. The atmosphere is very open to learning in a low stress environment.
Rick Randazzo, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
This is an investment into your ability to influence people. You cannot begin to quantify the R.O.I.
Trent Pierce, Carolina Benefits & Planning

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