2020 HR Florida Conference Attendees!

Speaker Alan Hoffler

It was a pleasure meeting many of you at the 2020 HR Florida Conference & Expo as I spoke both in-person and virtually!  In my two sessions, we looked at strategies to effectively use different communication channels in your own organization to impress any audience, to save you time, boost your bottom line, and set your organization back on the path of efficiently reaching your goals.

SESSION 1:  Winning Communication: Strategies to Connect and Convince in the Workplace  

Handouts for presentation

SESSION 2:  Why Modern Business Communication is Killing Productivity (and what you can do about it)

Handouts for presentation 

In our time together, I mentioned several resources for your communications success (see below). In addition to conference keynotes, we offer on-site corporate training workshops, virtual training, and one-on-one coaching and we would love to help you on your journey to excellence in communication.


Alan Hoffler speech coach and keynote speaker




What is email communication costing YOU?

How is inefficient email communication costing you and your company’s bottom line?

Read our case study and use our email cost calculator.

Case Study: The Real Cost of Email
ebook cover 12 public speaking tips

Twelve Public Speaking Tips That Will Save You From Making a Bad Presentation

This guide offers 12 quick tips (plus a bonus tip!) that will make you look like a pro and set you apart from all other speakers!

Whether you’re a new speaker or a veteran speaker, these quick tips will ensure every speech you give gets started on the right track. Each tip will challenge your thinking when it comes to preparing and giving your speech or presentation and offer you solutions to make you look like a pro.


Do you have anxiety when speaking? Does speaking in public cause you fear?

This guide will help you address the factors you can control and put you on your way to less fear and anxiety when speaking.

You’ve heard it said before that people fear speaking in public more than they fear death. For some, the anxiety and fear that speaking provokes is real. This quick guide includes eight techniques to give you the tools you need to reduce your anxiety.

eBook Anxiety in Public Speaking
Virtual Meetings Guide to success


A Practical Tips Guide for Success

This guide will help you address the factors you can control and put you on your way to more productive virtual meetings.

We will address five main topics in this guide:

  • Getting Ready to Meet
  • Your Equipment and Setup
  • Skills to Make You a Star on the Web
  • Content and Facilitation
  • Ending Well

Check out our full list of Communications and Speaking Tips on our RESOURCES page where you’ll find a free podcast, books, ebooks, videos, and more!


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