Three Skills that Drive Confidence in Public Speaking

The most popular phone call we get at MillsWyck Communications
The situations are different but the calls are the same about confidence in public speaking: conference speaker, all-hands meeting, wedding toast, stand before peers speaking in a second language, or asked to give a testimony in a house of worship.  The call request is the same: […]

Speaking and Writing: Similarities and Differences

Similarities and Differences Between Speaking and Writing
There are many similarities between speaking and writing. While I’ve never considered myself a writer by trade, I have long recognized the

similarities between writing and speaking. Writing my book was the single-best thing I’ve ever done for my business.  It solidified our teaching model and clarified and organized our […]

Storytelling: The One Skill Every Master Communicator Uses

Storytelling in Public Speaking: The number one characteristic that makes a speaker great.
That’s my story (and I’m sticking to it)
Storytelling in public speaking is the number one characteristic that makes a speaker great.  I had an attendee at one of my speaking engagements ask the other day, “What do you think of Andy Andrews as […]

The Speech Coach Genie’s Wish

What is the Speech Coach Genie’s Top Wish?
The first question a speech coach asks starts with the end in mind.  As kids, dreaming and wishing were part of our daily ritual.  Whether it was trying to put ourselves into a fantasy world with a Disney character, imagining greatness in the sporting arena, creating and playing with […]

Three Tips on How to Avoid Being Misinterpreted When Speaking

Do you know how to avoid being misinterpreted when speaking? Ever had a child, a co-worker, or a friend misquote you?  It can be embarrassing, inefficient, or perhaps hurtful.  Or worse.  Read on to see what you can do to ensure communication success.

What they say you said

This past week is a bittersweet one in the anniversary […]

Communication Principles for Effective Managers and Teachers

Three Communication Principles Every Manager and Teacher Should Use
Communication skills matter.

High school finals are coming in our house.  It’s been a long time since I last took a final exam, and it’s hard to imagine having the mental discipline to study for one today.  But I’ve been called in to help prepare The Boy for […]

Emceeing an Event — Dealing with Unexpected Issues

Emceeing an Event
A Speaker’s lessons from the trenches
I recently had the opportunity of emceeing an event, a large fundraising banquet.  It presented several challenges:

Introducing a speaker who I would not meet and did not know personally
Connecting several parts of the program for which I did not know the talking points
Addressing a large (>1500) […]

Public Speaking: Creating the Impression You Want

Public Speaking: Creating the Impression You Want
In public speaking, creating the impression you want isn’t always easy. Aristotle wisely said: “The impression created by the speaker as he utters the speech is the single greatest power of persuasion.”  How you present, and the image it creates, makes an impact in how your message is received.
Your […]

Mythbusters: Public Speaking Edition

Public Speaking Myths
In the last two weeks, I’ve had multiple students in my workshops ask incredulously, “I get what you’re teaching, but I was taught the exact opposite. Which is correct?” Those are the sorts of questions that can strike fear into the heart of an instructor – perhaps I am teaching it wrong! But in […]

Public Speaking Tips from the Trump and Clinton Debate

On September 26th, America endured the first U.S. Presidential debate.  There are many Public Speaking tips from the Trump and Clinton debate you can learn and apply to your own speaking.  Don’t expect me to weigh in on fact checkers or who won or who leads or who is a liar/narcissist/idiot. I do not discuss politics […]