Storytelling Workshop: The Public Speaking Silver Bullet

Storytelling is the One Skill Every Master Communicator Uses

storytelling in public speaking

Whether you’re a hesitant speaker, reluctant content writer, or a communicator who wants to be GREAT, this storytelling workshop will teach you a valuable and easy-to-learn technique to captivate your audience.  Stories have been around since before printed text and they clearly have the power to reach an audience and be remembered. But what skills are necessary to tell a good story? And how can you use stories in business situations to make your message more memorable and more impactful?

Whether it’s a technical work presentation, a networking event, a sales/persuasion situation, or your online content marketing plan, you can apply the Silver Bullet of Storytelling to your message.  Storytelling for speaking and communication can apply to most any situation, takes relatively little preparation, and is used by the masters of the stage (and the pen) in just about every forum imaginable. This workshop will teach you how to immediately put this weapon in your toolbox to WOW your audiences and have them ready to listen to your pitch, platform, paper, or presentation.

Join us in this fun, interactive half-day workshop where the participants make the material come alive.


Attend this Storytelling Workshop and you will be able to…

  • make the audience WANT to listen to what you say
  • connect with an audience to cause them to feel “he/she was speaking to me!”
  • create a memorable movie in the listeners’ minds
  • create anticipation in your message
  • have a built-in method to be interesting and energetic in your delivery
  • deliver and design stories to match any situation
  • turn the story into a call to action for your audience

Come learn the ONE communication skill you can’t live without!

Check for an upcoming public Storytelling Workshop or contact us for more details and to schedule this half-day workshop for your corporation, conference, retreat, or professional organization.

Communication through the written word is where my talents lie. However I know that some of the most impactful marketers (and business professionals) not only write compelling material but also present it flawlessly. I attended Alan’s session, ‘The Silver Bullet: One Communication Skill Every Communicator Should Use (Storytelling)’ at the Triangle American Marketing Association’s High Five Conference to learn and improve upon my speaking skills.  This interactive workshop put the onus on the attendees to get up and speak with minimal preparation. Alan made this session fun and engaging while reducing the intimidation factor of public speaking.  The Silver Bullet definitely impacted how I will approach writing projects and speaking opportunities in the future. I highly recommend attending one of these mini-sessions, even if you’re not an aspiring public speaker!  S. Gallina, Centerline Digital