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How Can I Become a Professional Speaker?

It’s starting to be a common call here at MillsWyck Communications.  “How can I become a professional speaker?” or maybe the more tentative, “Do you think anyone would pay me to speak?”  Usually it’s a person with an amazing story that’s been told repeatedly they...

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Fear of Public Speaking: Reducing Anxiety

Tips for Reducing Anxiety When Speaking Fear is real and it's the main reason for most of the calls we get here at MillsWyck Communications.  The callers are from all walks of life, all levels of experience, different cultures, have ranged from age 7 to over 70, and...

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NEVER mention TIME when giving a presentation

The one thing a speaker should never mention A speaker should never mention TIME when giving a presentation. I was coaching a group presentation the other day and (predictably) one of the presenters ran over their allotted time.  While we know a presenter should NEVER...

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Mentorship: Three Necessary Elements

Much of what I find myself doing as a speech coach is falling more into the mentorship category than the instructing category. I recently got an idea from a client.  He had called to discuss hiring me to speak to his staff, something I’ve done several times for his...

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Don’t Remember a Speaker for the Wrong Reasons

For an audience to remember a speaker for the wrong reasons is a failure on the speaker's part. It can go one of two ways. One great; one… not-so-great. It begins with someone who appears to be a total stranger approaching you and opening conversation with, “I saw you...

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Lessons Learned from 10 years as a Public Speaking Trainer

We just passed a milestone anniversary here at MillsWyck Communications.  It was just over ten years ago that I said goodbye to my corporate job at (what was then) America’s Best Place to Work and the steady paycheck to become a public speaking trainer.  I was...

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Questions speakers should ask BEFORE they speak

Questions speakers need to ask to ensure their success There are many questions speakers should ask their event organizer or meeting planner before they speak. It’s a regular call I make: a final check with a client about my upcoming program. I always ask what the...

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How to Expression Passion in Public Speaking

Sound Like You Feel Expressing passion in public speaking is critical in all aspects of our daily communication. When it comes to selling – your product, your ideas, your goals – we often fail to convince others of the passion and commitment we feel inside. Since...

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How to Start a Speech with a Story

How to Start a Speech with a Story The question of how to start a speech seems simple and there are several ways to open your presentation. Using a story is a great way to start a speech. I just attended the fabulous KEY5 Conference in Charlotte, NC.  The concept is...

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Turning Fifty: My One Word for the Year

Turning Fifty may be the new Forty, but 2018 is here whether you like it or not! It’s a new year and I'm turning fifty!  I love the fresh start of turning the calendar and contemplating what will be different in the next 365 days.  In recent years, I adopted the...

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Pomp and Circumstance

I went to my first graduation in years yesterday (I don't consider a kindergarten or elementary school graduation a real event worthy of such a title -- there needs to be a diploma involved).  I was there to support a speaker and discovered that there were lots of...

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