Creating Powerful, Persuasive Presentation Content

creating presentation contentCreating Powerful, Persuasive Presentation Content Workshop

Creating Presentation Content with Powerful, Key Messages

Creating presentation content that engages and emotionally connects with your audience isn’t always easy and has been the demise for many aspiring speakers – even those with great knowledge, expertise, and passion about their topic.  Powerful Persuasive Presentation Content gives you a repeatable method for creating compelling content to give clear, concise messages.  This hands-on workshop will offer you simple techniques to create and deliver powerful content that can fill any time slot and “wow” your audience.

Attend and you will learn . . . .

  • Planning a message
  • Pinpointing your objectives and organizing your thoughts
  • Focusing on a clear and concise message
  • Organizing your content
  • Analyzing an audience to meet their specific needs
  • Opening with flair
  • Dealing with speaker credibility
  • Dealing with room logistics
  • Using Visual Aids like Powerpoint to grab your audience’s attention and not confuse them (or even bore them)
  • Calling an audience to action
  • Wrapping up
  • Leaving your audience with key takeaways and plans of action

Leave this workshop with a takeaway presentation, practice and instructor coaching, and a rubric for creating future talks.

Let us help you reach your communication goals. We can give you the skills you need NOW to deliver the message you want heard.

What some past attendees have said about this workshop:

A smarter way to build a presentation.  Methodical. Replicable.
Robert Ferguson, Author, Speaker, Coach

Do it!  It will change the way you present yourself and your material — from a 30 second answer to a 2 day presentation.
Emily Aker, Asst Vice President

Completely actionable every step of the way.  No notes needed as you are tangibly putting together your presentation and learning a system to always lean on and use in the future.    
Emily Aker, Asst Vice President

Well worth time and price.   Learn the structure and re-use forever.
Alan Townsend, Program/Product Manager

It’s a great way to form your speaking points and come up with content.
Amanda Citron, Communications

I have totally changed my perception about crafting a speech.  I have several speeches I have wanted to develop and procrastinated because I have not done it well.  Now I want to rush home and write!
Stephanie McDilda, President, Flashpoint International

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