ANYONE can become a great communicator.

Most people have never been taught. Let us show you how.

Why we do it

What drives us to make great speakers?

To make YOU better

To take your presentations from boring to POWERFUL!

To give you a boost

To open your doors of opportunity through excellent communication skills!

To impact your world

To take you (and your team) from good to GREAT!

To change the world

To make all presentations amazing, one speaker at a time.

Our Work

Thousands of individuals and organizations have changed their communication with us through our public speaking classes, workshops, training, coaching, and keynote presentations. Won’t you be next?

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What we say

You can speak with Confidence, Power, and Ease!

Whether it’s making a sales presentation to close that deal, giving an effective powerpoint presentation, motivating your employees, or delivering that career-changing keynote speech, it’s all riding on your communication skills. It’s no longer a luxury to have effective speaking skills, it is essential. Effective communicators provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for the listener, eliminate distracting verbal and non-verbal content, and deliver clear messages that demand action. Few of us naturally possess the skills, passion, and discipline to transmit our ideas with such clarity, charisma, and power. But with training and practice, virtually anyone can become such a communicator. Get started with our public speaking classes, training, coaching, and keynotes.

You have what it takes. We can show you how!

Our public speaking classes, training, coaching, and keynotes will show you how to:

  • Deliver your speech like a pro
  • Engage your audience
  • Become an effective, persuasive speaker
  • Learn to enjoy public speaking
  • Deliver powerful content
  • Make presentations with ease
  • Apply the power of storytelling
  • Motivate your employees
  • Use visuals (like PowerPoint) effectively
  • Connect with your audience
  • Gain confidence
  • Answer tough questions

What our customers say

If you make an effort to apply the techniques this course provides, you will differentiate yourself as a leader.  To me, leadership is a necessary component of success.” 
Gail | Red Hat

“I never would have delivered my content at the pace or with expression as I did had it not been for your class. I was nervous walking on stage as the CEO introduced me, but in that moment I recognized I wasn’t as nervous as I could have been. I never would have felt as confident and comfortable speaking that morning if it had not been for your class.” 
Julie | Virginia Women's Center

 “Great speaker/Very engaging and makes the presentation interesting bringing in stories and examples.” “Probably the best discussion on communication I’ve seen…excellent energy & practical suggestions I can put in place today. Thanks!”
Conference Attendees | Keynote Presentation with Alan Hoffler

THANK YOU! I have honestly had no less than 15 employees tell me today that you were the best speaker in our four years of holding planning sessions. We had high expectations and you delivered. Your message was clear, applicable and you delivered it in a fun and insightful way.
Dan | Pool Professionals

I attended MillsWyck Communication’s 2-day “Powerful, Persuasive Speaking” workshop. Wow. I’ve taken several very good public speaking courses in the past, but Alan’s class brought it all together for me. It made things click. It was like watching magic as Alan coached the participants—every single person improved dramatically. And the skills taught benefited not only formal public speaking, but interviews, meeting facilitation, and everyday conversations. I highly recommend Alan Hoffler and MillsWyck Communications to experienced speakers, novice speakers, and everyone in between.
Karin | Clear Sight Consulting

“In all sincerity I write: I have a minor in Speech Communications that was earned by taking 60 hours of college-level courses. That college-level training didn’t come close to the practical skills I learned from Alan Hoffler’s Speaker Circle training at StepUp. I feel more comfortable and competent making presentations as a result of his training. Without exception, I would recommend Alan Hoffler’s training workshops to anyone.”
Linda | Step Up

“Alan Hoffler has been the most popular trainer we’ve ever had. Many of our staff have called me immediately after completing communications training with Alan to say how much they learned from him and how much they enjoyed his training. Alan’s energy, his wit, his many experiences, and his ways of directly involving our staff during his presentations make for truly fun, effective, and memorable training. We highly recommend Alan. ”
D. Clark | FCA

from the blog

Don’t Sound like you’re Reading

Don’t Sound like you’re Reading

I’ve just finished coaching a group making a pitch for a very large grant.  The pitches were virtual – the entire team was spread out over multiple locations and continents.  While everyone agreed that an in-person presentation would be preferred, that opportunity was...

Bad PowerPoint

Bad PowerPoint

I’ve been quoted by students and clients as saying I hate PowerPoint.  That’s not true.  I hate BAD PowerPoint.  Which is, sadly, almost the same thing since it’s rare that I see slides and visuals that are effective, or even necessary.   In the last month I’ve...

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

After years of procrastination and adaptation, I recently had my second total hip replacement this year.  THR is a radical one-way street—there’s no going back.  The surgeon sawed off my femoral head, cleaned out the hip socket (with a chisel and drill), and replaced...

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