Powerful, Persuasive Visuals

Powerful, Persuasive Visuals Workshop

Say “No!” to Death by PowerPoint

Using PowerPoint and other Visuals can be difficult, boring, and confusing to your audience.  Learn why most

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PowerPoint (Keynote, Impress) slide decks and visual aids are ineffective and cause problems for the presenter.  Turn visuals into your ally to reinforce content and capture attention.

Effective PowerPoint (or any visual) use is instructed using an easy-to-remember numerical progression:

  • One overriding principle in integrating visuals into presentations and meetings.
  • Two questions to ask before creating every visual.
  • Three rules for design effectiveness.
  • Four things you need to do as a presenter for every visual.
  • Five (and only five) reasons to have a visual in the first place

Learn to use Visuals that capture your audience’s attention, not ones that bore, confuse, and even overwhelm them.

Don’t forget . . . . . . .  YOU are the presentation.  A visual tool should never replace you in a presentation.

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