Red Hat Summit Speaker Preparation

It’s just a few short weeks until you’ll be on the stage at Summit and/or DevNation.  Lots of people are excited about hearing you speak, and for good reason!  You’ve attained the status of “Expert”, whether you like it (or deserve it!) or not. But let’s make sure we meet their expectations and deliver a fantastic performance.

The training is divided into three video courses:

  1. This first is about creating great content that your audience wants to hear.  It sounds simple enough, and it is simple.  But as we’ll discover, it’s far from easy.  But this process in content creation leads you through a systematic order that results in an easy-to-deliver, easy-to-follow presentation that will make you — and Red Hat — look good in Boston.
  2. The second course takes what you’d done in the first (you have to do these in order!) and puts it into a template that we’ve found works for any speaking situation you’ll find yourself in.  It’s a roadmap, fill-in-the-blank template that makes creating (and remembering!) your content very easy.
  3. The last course is about creating your visuals.  It is last for a reason, and will assist you in overcoming the #1 complaint of conference attendees worldwide: “The Speaker read his/her slides to me!

These are not sit-back-and-watch videos.  There are places you need to stop and spend significant time thinking and writing.  This is not an instant process.  Please don’t wait until the last minute.

But we are here to help.  If you have questions, you can comment here, or contact us at

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