CEO’s. Managers. Sales Consultants. Technical experts. Trainers. Clergy. Parents. Teachers. Friends. Enemies. Strangers.

We all have some message we want heard. But employees don’t always get it. Clients don’t always buy it. Children don’t always obey it. Students don’t always learn it. And rivals may even use it against us. Others often seem to receive messages we never intended to give.

Effective communicators provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for the listener by eliminating distracting verbal and non-verbal content and delivering clear messages that demand action.

MillsWyck Communications produces exceptional speakers who create and deliver clear, concise messages that get results.

We offer workshops, coaching, and training that will transform you and your organization’s productivity and effectiveness through stellar communication skills.

Corporate Training

On-site corporate training classes that will turn your managers and employees into communications rock stars, giving them the communication skills they need to represent your company well.

Personal Coaching

One-on-one coaching programs that will give you the skills you need to deliver clear, concise, and compelling messages. We have packages to fit wherever you are in your speaking ability, from the novice to the professional speaker.

Public Training

Public workshops designed to give you personal instruction to reach your own communication goals while having fun in the process in a safe, supportive and highly effective setting.

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