Speak with Confidence

Speak with Confidence Workshop

Speak with the Confidence of a Professional SpeakerSpeak with Confidence; speaker standing in front of an audience

Do you know you have something to share, but struggle to express it in a way that wows your audience?  Do you long to speak with confidence and have the stage presence of other speakers that you observe?

Attend the Speak with Confidence Workshop and you will learn…

  • The ONE secret that professional speakers all know about speaking with confidence that will help you break down barriers to your own speaking.
  • How to apply a few easy-to-learn skills that will change the way audiences perceive and respond to you and how to apply them to your presentations, meetings, interviews, and phone conversations.

Join us and discover Rule #1 about public speaking and how to apply it.  In this half day, interactive workshop, we will lead you through exercises and drills that we’ve taught to thousands of students ranging from business professionals to jobseekers to technical experts to Fortune 500 executives. You will get a chance to practice and receive feedback from your peers on how to improve your high-stakes communication and project appropriate behaviors in all speaking situations.

You will never view speakers the same!

Contact us for more details and to schedule this half day workshop for your corporation, conference, retreat, or professional organization.

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