Cost of Email Calculator

Cost of Email Calculator

Email is so wonderful.  Send on your schedule.  Read when you want.  Access remotely on a mobile device.  Send and receive documents.  Copy the entire company.  Shoot marketing touches to the world in a few clicks.  Stay in touch with friends and family.  Pass on that chain letter to ensure good luck for the next 6 years.

But all this freedom comes at a cost.  And in the business world, that cost can be measured in time and money.  Fill in the fields in the following calculator to see what email is costing you (no information you type is being captured by our server).


This calculator is a companion to our keynote presentation, “Why Modern Business Communications is Killing Productivity (and What You Can Do About It)”.  Check our newsletter and blog on the subject as well.

Bottom line: the choke of email is on the SENDER.  Here are some tips to send better emails:

  1. Always have a call to action.  If you don’t want people to DO something, why are you sending it?
  2. Use CC: for information only.  They can read when they want.
  3. Use opt-outs in the first line (or subject line).  Give them a way to NOT have to read it if it doesn’t apply to them.

And three tips to control email from the READER side (and you may have to train your staff to be OK with this):

  1. Limit reading email to certain times of the day.
  2. Ruthlessly unsubscribe from newsletters (except from your favorite speaking coach!) — you don’t need to receive things you don’t intend to read.
  3. Don’t get caught in conversations on email.  Pick up the phone on the second Reply.

A friend sent me this.  It is convicting:

If you are working out of your inbox, you’re always working on someone else’s agenda.  Get your most important work done first, then worry about what everyone else needs.

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