Sat in on three days of class this past week. Liked the instructor; reminded me of me in style and presentation — what’s not to like? 🙂 Great sense of humor, command of the material, comfortable, helpful. But…Couple of logistical issues really detracted from the course:

  1. He left the door open. Gives a homey feel and quick exit and no loud click when people did leave. But I had someone outside the class say they felt like a ball at a tennis match the way people’s heads turned every time he walked by the classroom on the way to the restroom. I noticed myself changing my focus every time someone went by. Unfortunately, most training/presentation rooms have the door at the front. But even then, an open door can be a huge distraction. Close it.
  2. Instructor played music in the class exercises and breaks. Nothing wrong with that. But the musical taste wouldn’t suit everyone and the genre was never varied. Towards the end of class, the music was left on, even during lecture time. I found it quite distracting.

Don’t GIVE people a reason to not pay attention — there are already enough problems in getting your message across.

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