I was again blessed to win the Toastmasters humorous speech contest (now at the division level) tonite. I’m continually amazed at the different talents in this organization — everyone brings something a little different to the table, and there is always a good teaching point (or three).This was my third time giving this speech, and a large chuck of my club was there en masse to hear it for the third time (thanks, guys/gals!). It’s amazing how hard it is to give the same speech. I feel I’ve made improvements each time, but really felt that tonite’s effort was not my best of the three. I had added some tips from club members, and had a much better conclusion (I actually had a point!), but I stumbled a few times in the order of the events and even had a monster pause (at least to me) to catch my place once. That, and my props (6 bags of luggage) fell all over the place right as I was reaching the climatic summary.The audience didn’t even chuckle at my two funniest (to me) punchlines, and several in the back seemed not connectable.But the judges liked it, and feedback was positive. Glad I’m not the judge of myself.Now it’s on to the district 37 (all of North Carolina!) contest November 5th!Your impressions of delivery don’t matter; it’s THEIR impression of your message that matters

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