Baby sister found some new flip flops (summer sale item) in the closet. HAD to have them. Now. Parents relented, saying these were new flip flops for next summer and the pool. Sister parades around the house all night in them (pink, orange, green!) and was distraught when she discovered that the socks she wears to bed wouldn’t allow her to wear said flip flops all night.Parenting payment came due when she strolled in to BBT (Boy’s Bath Time) extolling the virtues of her new footwear. Brother became inconsolable when it was learned that he did not also receive a new set of shoes. Wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued.It’s all in the delivery. Sister didn’t do anything but talk about how great her new shoes were. She didn’t na-na-na-na-nahhhh-na or flaunt it. She merely made her audience hungry by having great enthusiasm.

Make them wish they had “it”, whatever “it” is, by proving value with enthusiasm.

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