Worked with a speaker again today. Having seen marked improvement in so many areas, I pushed a little today on some things that are habitual and ingrained. For this particular speaker, it was voice inflection. For others it could be gestures, movement, eye contact, or even dress. Regardless, it feels weird to the speaker to push the envelope. And just as regardless (is that possible? :-)), how the speaker feels is not an issue.I got the “this feels odd” and “doesn’t this sound weird?“. Standard fare. The answer is always the same. I know and no. I’m not sure you ever grow out of this as a speaker. There are things that just may never feel natural. I deal with it and everyone I’ve worked with and talks to deals with it. But if it helps your audience get the message, then how you feel as a speaker is of no concern. Do what works.

Your comfort doesn’t matter. The effectiveness of your message does.

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