Had a conversation with a lawyer today. I’ll refrain from the gratuitous joke. During our discussion, he used a word I did not know. And used it again. I think his buzzword count ended somewhere about 8 uses of the word.I suppose I could/should have stopped him on the first use of the word and asked “what’s that mean?”, but I didn’t, and I expect most people would not. Plus, it wasn’t a mystery what he was talking about — context gave me that. But it brings up an interesting communications point. You had better make sure that your audience knows your lingo before you use it.BTW, I looked the word up via dictionary.com as soon as I was back to the Internet, and I can say that this story and the blog of the day do have a nexus. Or multiple nexus (plural and singular are the same, although I prefer nexii!). What words are you using that you just figure everyone knows? Or that you may not even know?

Use language your audience (and you!) understands. Always.

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