We’re trying to get our house painted. First, I couldn’t get anyone to give a bid. Now that I’m under contract, I can’t get anyone to work. After 17 days, we have our front porch half painted, the railings spotty, a missing extension cord and hedge trimmer, and some serious doubts this is going to get finished.I called the manager/owner/supervisor to get some results. After 2 weeks of non work, we were promised Thursday the house would be finished today. I laughed. Half a porch in 2 weeks; entire house with two coats in 2 days. Ha. Turns out no one came to work today at all. I called again tonite. Trip to emergency room with kid, yadda yadda. Fired the help. They ran off with the paint. I’m coming Monday, we’ll finish up then. I’ll make some calls and find out what happened to the tools and call you back in 15 minutes.I decided to shoot straight. Look, don’t lie to me. Tell me the truth. You aren’t going to finish Monday. Or Tuesday. But I expect you to show up, not take my tools, and let me know when things change. Update me on progress. If you aren’t going to progress, then I need to know that. Ridiculous promises make me really doubt.My next phone call will be to the local TV expose reporter. And this nonsense could be avoided with one simple thing: the truth.

Your credibility is shot if you are caught in promises you can’t/don’t keep. Tell the truth and keep your reputation.

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