Worked with my in-laws’ Car Show this weekend. Had to laugh while we were cleaning up this evening when I ran across the classified ads for the bulletin board. One of them said something to the effect, “the car looks a lot better than the picture shows!”I immediately thought of this forum and a lot of the presentations I sit in on. Many should come with the claim, “the presentation is a lot better than the graphics show!” I often hear presenters say things like “I know you can’t read this” or “let me explain this graphic to you” or “This was the best picture I could find, and it really doesn’t make my point.“If you’re trying to sell a car and truly believe that it looks better than the picture you’re about to display, then you have to wonder why you’d display it. Either you think that looks don’t matter to the buyer, you think they’ll go to great lengths to try and run down the details of how it really looks, or you’re trying to play mind games. None of them is good messaging or salesmanship.Presenters who put things up they know are not first-rate, easy to understand, or contributing to their message are doing their message a great disservice. Make it clear, concise, and desirable. If you can’t afford or find the graphic/picture/clipart you want, then find another way to make the message.

If it doesn’t add to your message, leave it out.

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