Seems I’m not the only one who gets bored easily in the average presentations. As I expand my blog reading (if only there was more time!), I discover more and more folks who seem put off with the norm of business presentations. Today’s gem was from Garr Reynolds about putting people to sleep through presentations. I’ve said similar things about presentations, conferences, and PowerPoint in recent weeks.A hearty “Amen!” to his comments on the nonsense of publishing PowerPoint presentations as conference “proceedings”, and requiring months’ lead time in their submission. Are current events not valid hooks for presentations in these promoters’ minds?I worked with a first-time presenter not long ago who had already submitted his slides, and seemed saddened when I actually helped refine the presentation to keep his audience in tune. “I’ve already submitted my slides,” he explained. But he quickly came to the right conclusion, and the freedom that came with “I don’t care — I’m going to present to capture their attention” was a wonderful moment for both him and me.

Presentation aids are not reference material.

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