Took in Sea World today. Despite the sticker shock and a cold, windy day, it was quite enjoyable. I’ve always enjoyed their entertainment between shows, especially the mimes. Goes back to a visit there while dating my wife when the mime tried to take her from me, I suppose.Had a different perspective this visit as I watched for good communication. I was amazed at the amount of information a good mime communicates without ever saying a word. Here is a guy who had 4000 eyes on his every move and he never so much as uttered a grunt. He was in constant motion, connected with all elements of his audience, used humor a lot, had eye contact with everyone he communicated one-on-one with, used gestures to accompany all his communications, and had a face that never stopped as well (makeup helps). He mouthed words much clearer than most presenters I listen to. In short, he made a GREAT presentation, without a single verbal utterance.Every presenter should try to mime their message in order to practice their nonverbal skills.

Since you can get so much of your message communicated nonverbally, you should.

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