Merlin Mann at 43Folders commented on Bob Parsons’ ideas for handling phone calls, interruptions, and other time wasters. At first read, they sound a little harsh, but the more you realize what he’s saying, it’s a very logical way to control your own life and time. And the fault is really on the people who will be most offended — those who are presuming on others’ time. It has nothing to do with politeness, it has to do with 86,400 — that’s how many seconds you have in a day and you don’t need to waste any of them.If you can’t get to the point in 30 seconds, you’ve got to wonder what your point is (you should be able to say it in a sentence). If your email reads like James Michener, then you’ve limited the audience you will reach. If your casual conversations last longer than a smoke break, you are boring people or killing time.I’ve said before, the only time a more succinct message won’t be appreciated is when you’re being paid to fill a time slot (keynote speaker). Otherwise, briefer is better. Your listeners will love you for it.

Get to the point. Quickly.

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