If you’ve got things left to do this year, now would be a great time to do them. In fact, there’s no better time.It’s a peculiar time — the end of the year and the beginning of the year. But this is the cyclical nature of life. As you end one job, you begin another. As you end a relationship, others wait in the wings. If you finish a book, the next thing you read is starting another. If you tie up a conversation, you’ll speak again to start another.I draw great comfort from this little mental exercise. I’m so glad we can start anew. I’m glad all my conversations are not continuations of those miserable effotrs I’ve made. I’m glad that prior mistakes can be corrected. I’m thrilled that not everyone will have the same input into my life again this year — it’s all new, exciting, and filled with possibilities.Happy New Year. May 2006 be your best yet.

An ending is the next beginning. Start strong in 2006 (and in all your communication efforts!).

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