In a group of eleven today. All of them are used to standing and speaking in front of people (I’m guessing there was 200 years of collective training experience in the room). They had no idea I was observing them. At one point we were all standing and individuals were speaking to the group. I noted:

  • 3 people with arms crossed at chest (1 in thinker pose)
  • 3 with hands crossed behind their back
  • 2 people with hands crossed in front (fig leaf)
  • 2 with hands in their pockets
  • 1 with arms at their side (me)

Good posture (hands at side, feet evenly spaced, shoulders square) is not natural, feels funny, and is still the best way to present for so many reasons. But it takes a lot of practice to force the body to do it.

Practice good posture.

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