Spent a good bit of time the last few days scouring the net for video examples of technical presenters. I’ve been underwhelmed. To quote a friend’s comment today, “It’s a field that it’s not hard to stand out in.” Even people who are so-called “experts” in the field of presentations and speaking have enough bad habits to fill a book (hey, what a great idea!).And that’s a shame. Most of the stuff I see is so easily correctible. A HALF DAY of awareness and 15 minutes a day for a few weeks and most people could become top shelf presenters. For $60/yr and an hour a week, your local Toastmasters Club can get you started. A video camera and a desire to succeed is a quicker out. It’s just a shame that most folks don’t take the time and effort to do that.I’ve found very few folks who can change by their own willpower, and this goes for communication skills as well as just about everything else in life. That third party is so key.

Get better.

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