Teaching a three-day class. It’s long for everyone. Had a section where there was a key point that needed to be made. I made it, repeated it, repeated it again, summarized it, and felt like the horse was beaten beyond the grave. And then…I had a student ask a question which clearly indicated the point had still not been gotten. I was shocked — first thought they were joking. But they were not.Then a similar thing happened. Same class. Different topic. Different folk. Same result.I was/am beginning to wonder if I’m losing it. I’m sure I covered the point(s). I am sure it was clear. I had their attention (or at least as much as I can be sure I have anyone’s attention). The class wasn’t bored, seemed into it, was eager to learn, laughed at my (dumb) jokes. And yet, there were key points that were missed.My ego was bruised slightly. But I realized that how clear I think I communicated doesn’t matter one iota. If the audience doesn’t get it, I haven’t done the job.So I made the points. Again. Slower. Clearer. Again. And again.

If the learner hasn’t learnt, then the teacher hasn’t taught.

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