Watched a speaker today get up in a sequence of speakers, pick up the remote to the overhead projector (only presenter to use the projector), and ask loud enough for everyone to hear, “How do you turn this thing on?” I suppose an easier method to impress your audience would be to walk in with a sign around your neck saying, “I haven’t practiced my presentation and I don’t do this very much.“There is almost never an excuse for not knowing how to work the equipment you are going to be asked to use as a presenter. Virtually anyone will let you walk in early and try things out. If not, ask someone to help you or pull someone aside who knows what is going on. Definitely don’t go on stage and have no idea how to interact with your technology.A side note is that you should not be tied to technology in the first place. You’re just a burnt bulb away from having no presentation if that’s the case.

Know your setup. Have a backup plan.

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