Talked with or heard about three people today who were needing help with their communication skills and… didn’t want any help. Had a conversation yesterday with someone who had a whole division of people who felt like they were fine. I could make a case for an entire subculture that thinks things are A-OK. And every one of them is… wrong. Or to be more PC, intellectually misguided.I’ve never met anyone who didn’t need help with something, and even people with perfect delivery skills need help with messaging. It’s the perspective of the Other Person that should drive communciation (Rule #1) and if you aren’t constantly getting that perspective, you are falling into the trap of thinking that you know what people think and know when you really don’t know what they think. You know?This is the same reason that marketing folks don’t rely on old surveys, sales people don’t take lists of leads that are dated, and everyone should ask for help in reading situations whenever possible. To quote a rather popular tome on the (any) subject: “Wisdom is found in those who take advice. ” If you aren’t sure how you are being perceived, all it takes is asking the right person. That person might be a spouse, child, parent, friend, acquaintance, or stranger, depending on the situation. Regardless of who gives it, it’s important to your message that you get it.

Seek out help from those who can help.

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