Followup to my thoughts of yesterday.  Had several meetings today.  One had an agenda with times and goals and it finished within one minute of time and accomplished exactly what was stated.  One had an agenda without times or goals, and it finished on time but accomplished what should have taken half the time.  One meeting had neither agenda nor times and ran over and never accomplished anything concrete.  Coincidence?  I think not.Also thought through my math a little more.  At the medium numbers of my demographic, meetings are $0.50/person/minute.  For a dozen folks, that’s $6/minute.  I pay a lot less to rent an airplane — could rent a twin with a pilot for less than that even.  And that’s peanuts to most companies.  But peanuts add up, and most meetings have one (or many) people who are a LOT more than medium (want to say mean :-)).  Cost goes up.  Effectiveness rarely does.  In fact, meetings with the bigwig often accomplish less because of people’s fear of being heard before him/her in the public eye and the fact that they’ll go through other channels anyway.So why are we meeting again?

Set out to accomplish something and you’re more likely to.

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