Today is Uncle Sam’s pay day in the U.S.  The day when everyone is reminded that in order to get something good, we have to give a part of that good back for the common cause.  Tax freedom day is not until April 26th, but I digress.I see some presenters apparently in the habit of taxing their audiences.  In order to get something good, you have to endure what seems to be a penalty.  I keep promising and promising the goods, but I don’t deliver until I have you either begging for mercy or so bored you can’t help but want it.  If you can’t picture what this looks like, imagine the 6 o’clock news.  They spend more time telling you what they’re going to show you than they do actually showing you.  That’s not fair to the audience.  We’ve spoken before about saying things briefly.  Don’t make them pay in time and attention to get the nugget.  Give them reasons to want it, sure, but then give it to them.Another way presenters tax their audiences is by making points much more intense than they need to be.  I’ve seen analogies take minutes to concoct, explain, and deliver, when a single statement would clearly make the point just the same.  It’s nice to paint the picture, but when you can pass out the print…

Give your audience the clearest and quickest path to what gives them value.

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