Sat through a seminar tonite that had great content and a presenter whose delivery was confident and polished, but there were just a few issues that really could have been improved.  One was the Q&A period (which fortunately did not end the program).  Group size was roughly 50, and several of the questions ended up being 60 second speeches in and of themselves.  The presenter never bothered to cull the question into its basic point and did not repeat the question.  Due to the size of the room and the soft voices of some of the questioners, this resulted in an answer to a question many of us did not ever hear.There are several reasons to repeat the question.  First, it makes sure everyone hears it.  Second, when restated, it makes sure the presenter is understanding the question (nothing like a 5-minute answer to the wrong question).  Lastly, it gives the presenter a little more time to formulate a succinct response.  Since the first two are Rule #1- compliant, they are enough.

Repeat and clarify any question before answering.

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