Having just come off a string of about 10 days training, teaching, and consulting, the body naturally is a bit run-down (not unlike the Carolina Hurricanes, who apparently feel similarly, but I digress).  Anyone who thinks that it isn’t exhausting work to talk all day has never done it.  It’s times like this that I renew my commitment to stay healthy and effective.  Since I make most of my living standing in front of others and talking, it’s imperative that I am able to stand and talk.Listeners appreciate energy.  They want to be kept awake and engaged.  And in order for the speaker to do that, s/he must have energy him/herself (another digression — can we please invent a word in English that is gender-neutral and singular?  I think I will do that now.  SPUG = “Singlular person, undeclared gender” and SHEHE = “that there person” and HERSHIS = “that’n there’s”.  I feel better.)  Back to our story/rant/nugget.   Speakers must rely on their own energy, because audiences don’t always bring their own.  And in order for the speaker to have energy, the body and voice must be able to produce.Tips for keeping the body ready and the spring in the step include the obvious — getting enough sleep, being (somewhat) fit, and eating the right kind of food (protein is good).  I find that when my legs are healthy and exercised, that provides a base that gives the whole body more pep.  But more subtle helps include comfortable clothes that make hershim feel professional and the proper shoes that promote standing, walking, and comfort.The voice must also be cared for.  The best tip is to stay hydrated, and this should be done the day before speaking.  Load up on the fluids give the mouth enough lubrication to formulate words correctly.  Proper breathing is also key and helps avoid stresses that can wear out a vocal muscles.Regardless of how a speaker feels, shehe should do whatever it takes (the Hurricanes’ motto) to provide an energetic and engaging experience for the listener.Go ‘Canes.

Take care of the body and the voice to maximize the energy available for communication.

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