I just finished up a boatload of notes and evaluations I took on some speakers that I observed a few weeks ago.  Personal responsibilities, a hurricane, and The Hurricanes (!) delayed finishing up the write-up.While I suppose I was not surprised, it was difficult to remember what some of my hand-written notes meant and the context was lost of many things that I’m sure meant a lot at the time.  While a digital voice recorded helped (and video would have been ideal), it did not completely restore all the thoughts I had when observing in real time.  Whenever we are compiling content, it is best to compile and summarize as quickly as possible after the completion (or even during).  This is also the most efficient time to complete such a task and gives the most positive energy at having it done.  Otherwise it hangs like smog over a city on a summer day.The principles of a good compiling a concluding report are true in self-evaluation as well.  The best time to self-evaluate ones’ performance is right after the performance.  Perhaps a cooling down of adrenaline is warranted, but as soon as possible, catalog thoughts, impressions, and notes.  Get the feedback of anyone who can help in the same fashion — quickly.

Summarize thoughts as soon as possible after an event.

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