Would be better than a piece of paper.  Watch a C-level executive today saunter on stage and announce he had taken notes during the division’s meeting and had a few points to make.  He accentuated the point by showing the piece of paper he had purportedly taken his notes on.  Other than the fact that everyone now knew he didn’t prepare his comments (which apparently went unnoticed by him and most members of the audience), he pulled off content with grace and aplomb.  And mutilated that piece of paper.  He creased and folded and rolled it in landscape and portrait configurations, thumbed through the folded paper, and stroked the smooth but shrinking area.  By the end of the talk, the paper was weathered and could have easily passed for an antique document.During this manuscript mutilation, the speaker was completely oblivious to what his hands were doing.  He shook it at the audience, used it as a pointer, and had it working as a prop — all without purpose or awareness.  The dillapidated document became like Linus’ blanket — a safety net of comfort that apparently appeased whatever could be bothering our articulate administrator.

If you stand to speak, remove all objects from your hands, lest they become an unnecessary distraction.

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