Seen several speeches (the latest in Toastmasters today) where a previous speaker had PowerPoint slides that ended with the ubiquitous end/summary/any questions slide.  No problems (well, only minor ones) with that.  But the next speaker spoke without PowerPoint (woohoo!) and got to the podium/stage/lectern but never handled the projection or PowerPoint.  So there they are, speaking about a completely different topic, with the previous presenter’s concluding slide as their backdrop (side note: why are PPT screens presented as the “backdrop” — they should be to the side.  The SPEAKER is the presentation, not the slides).When there is a transition, use all available cues to signal the change.  Toastmasters do it with a handshake.  Change the slides.  Move to the opposite side of the stage (a la product demo shows).  Utilize a completely different technique (audience participation, anyone?).  Change the lighting (up, preferably).

Don’t allow previous content and distractions to detract from your message.  Reset the listener when it’s your turn to speak.

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