In addition to providing the content your audience needs, it’s important to give them the physical things they need as well.  If you expect people to take notes, have pencils/pens on hand, with paper or notepads.   If you expect them to look at a web site or document as follow-up, either have the URL or the doc printed and ready to go (or follow-up with a short email).  If folks need to work in groups and come up with some outcomes, give them flipcharts or something to catalog those with.  If people need to get their own lunch, give them directions and options if they are not familiar with the landscape.I’m amazed at how many meetings/speeches/keynotes/training sessions I attend where the audience’s needs have not been thought through, and time is wasted trying to get people what they have to have.   In addition to not giving them what they need, this adds to an impression that they are not important, or that the preparation has been second-rate.  Remember the message is ALWAYS more than what is said.  Make sure the logistics are as sound as the words given.

Give folks everything they need.

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