Had a comment on last night’s post to just give the tips to getting better.  Unfortunately, there are really precious few.The best tip, of course, is Rule #1: It’s not about you, the presenter.  It’s about them, the listener/learner/client/audience.  Keeping that in mind is the basis for everything else we discuss.Practically, the best way to get better is to a) tape yourself and watch the painful result (and/or ask for and receive an unbiased evaluation), and b) study and critique every presenter you come into contact with.  This is the basis for my blog — it’s really a personal journey for me to get better.  I’ve decided to share it with the world because I’ve had folks ask for what I notice and what I’d change.  If you don’t have many options to practice, ask friends, join Toastmasters, or make options.  I’m blessed that I make my living by speaking and helping others become better speakers.  I have a practice field almost every day.  Those that don’t have that blessing face an uphill battle, though not even close to an insurmountable one.

Always do what works for the audience.  Get/be better every time.

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