Here’s a tip I (re)discovered this week.  First, I’m a HUGE fan of video as an unbiased observer to help us get better as speakers.  It’s the only true way for us to see ourselves as the audience sees us.  So the (repeated) tip: use video early and often.But in reviewing a tape this week, I was fast-forwarding to find a place and saw that on a faster speed, it is really easy to see nervous tics and repetitive motions.  I found out that while I put my hands correctly at my side while I speak, I almost constantly contract my fingers.  It’s barely noticeable at normal speed, but at the faster speed, it’s easy to spot.  Swaying, pacing, stroking hair or a tie, and tilting heads are all trivial to spot with a quicker view rather than real-time.

Videotape your next presentation and watch it in fast forward mode to discover nervous tics and wasted motion.

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