Acts 26

Welcome, speakers of Truth and sharers of the Gospel!  We’re glad you stopped by.  To download the paper on Speaking Lessons from Acts 26, click here.

You already know communication is VITALLY important to move people to action, to share information, and to develop unity, credibility, and trust.  While the message of the Gospel is pretty solid, God has given it to people like you and me to deliver to those who need it most. Your ministry and message depend on your ability to clearly articulate your beliefs and your knowledge.  And yet few people in any walk of life are trained and devoted to mastering the essential skill of speaking well.

If you or your ministry seek to use the absolute best skills in sharing your passion, MillsWyck Communications provides solutions for some of the most common communication problems ministries (and all people) face:

  • Our two-day flagship Powerful, Persuasive Speaking gives platform speakers and teachers the skills necessary to command and keep an audience’s attention.  Anyone from a Sunday School teacher to a non-profit fundraiser to an assistant who gives announcements will see a world of difference in using these skills.
  • Our two half day Powerful, Persuasive Content workshop gives you the tools to craft a concise and compelling presentation or talk about ANY topic, that can fit ANY time frame.  It’s also a great method to stay on track and make sure your audience remembers your content.
  • One-on-one or team coaching gives you the personal attention that you and your message need.  Whether it’s skill coaching for a particular message or working through what the message should look like, sometimes it just takes an outside source to push us to polish what we need to say.

And you may just find the inspiration or information you need from our blog, our newsletter, or other free information products on our resources page.

Create life-changing and everlasting results through communication excellence.  Contact us now to see how.

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