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You already know communication is VITALLY important to move people to action, to share information, and to develop team unity, credibility, and trust. Whether it’s email, voice mail, presentations, meeting facilitation, or emceeing a kickoff, speaking and communicating well is at the heart of being an effective project manager.

MillsWyck Communications provides solutions for some of the common communication problems project teams face:

  • Do your team members need to boost their speaking skills quickly?  Would they benefit from a shared growth experience and strong accountability partners? Our two-day flagship Powerful, Persuasive Speaking workshop provides that solution.
  • Not happy with your team’s  email or meeting productivity?  We’ve got workshops and webinars to address both.
  • Tired of people reading PowerPoint to you?  We can train your team on its use and pitfalls.

And you may just find the inspiration or information you need from our blog, our newsletter, or other free information products on our resources page.

Create life-changing results and commit the time to your PMI re-certification in the process.  Contact us now to see how.

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