Saw an unusual distractor today. A manager came to a class to give some validation to the training effort. It was intended to be informal, and it was. Conversational, candid, took questions, and impromptu. So far so good. The prop to add to the effect? Coffee.Which was not put down. Now I suppose I could probably overlook a held coffee cup. Except that, like most coffee drinkers, the manager habitually put the cup to his lips. Then he seemed to realize he was speaking and started it down, whereupon reflex kicked in and it started back up for a sip. The effect was this sort of mechanical bobbing where his mouth was almost completely hidden behind the cup. While the voice was still clear enough, the distraction was not avoidable. I wanted the cup to either run dry, spill, or get dropped. None happened, and we were forced to watch the bobbing cup until the introduction was over.I doubt this particular communicator even knew what he was doing. I also expect every viewer was distracted. The rule is pretty easy if followed:

It’s best to leave your hands free and at your sides. Always.

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