Read over on Great Public Speaking that you should have an entry visual to “signal that your presentation will be different”. It’s sad that we have to be different. If everyone was used to good presentations, then you could be like others and people would look forward to it. But sadly the norm is bad, people know it, and they come expecting to be underwhelmed. So you have to be different (and should be!).There is much you can do to be different in a good way. It starts with that first impression and the room logistics and entry visual is part of that, to be sure. But even how you interact before speaking, or the pre-work leading up to the session (if applicable), the way you open, the fact you address their concerns without them asking — these contribute to listener success. Remember, people listen on their terms, and they want value. In most cases, they want to listen and wany you to succeed (because then they succeed, in the context of presenting). If you give value to them and a reason to listen, they most likely will.I like the idea of an entry visual (or activity, or puzzle, or ???). But mainly I just like the idea of being good.

If the norm is bad, be different.

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