Evidently some mass spammer has figured out how to defeat the mechanisms in place to post completely idiotic and what I consider to be rather offensive comments to my blog.  While I am not the author and don’t condone, approve, or appreciate these selected comments (I LOVE the discussion comments, and wonder why there aren’t more of them — I get more comments directly to me in email that are posted to the blog.  Whatever.), because they are on my web site, I am in some way responsible.  I have deleted these offensive posts (and left all the others), and taken more aggressive action against such things in the future.  This means that if you use some slightly marginal words (I won’t list them here :-)) they get sent to a queue for me to approve rather than directly posting.  I’ve been deleting a half dozen or more per day of these for some time now, and hopefully these measures will protect the reading public a little more.Rest assured I will not delete real comments that add value to a discussion (or are even about the discussion, but random comments about human physical behavior do not apply, methinks).Thanks for reading, and again, sorry if you had to catch an eyeful of that *%!@.

If you publish it, you’re responsible for it.

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