Was walking through an online product demo (as a customer) in a web conference today when the demo guy said, “Let me explain this screen — it can be a bit misleading.” I about busted out laughing. As a customer, I wondered why a company would demo a product screen they knew was misleading. Since it was a web product, changing it (the text) seems to be a very minor thing. One would wonder why they wouldn’t rush to do that. Immediately. But they continued to explain the misleading application dialog, rather than make it right.I watch speakers do the simliar things:

  • I know you can’t read this, but…” Why are you putting something in front of me (and drawing attention to it) when you already know I can’t read it?
  • I know you already know this, but…” If you really think I already know it, then why are you telling me? You either don’t believe yourself, or you’re just that bent on hearing yourself talk.

If you find yourself drawing attention to problems in your content, fix the content (first).

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