Another brilliant customer service story. My cell phone provider (who shall remain unnamed, but whose name means to run really fast) evidently called me this evening. Toll free number calling, man with thick accent identifies himself and gives the greeting and who he represents. “This call is free. You will not be charged and it won’t show up on your bill.“So what. I buy enough minutes that I don’t worry about how long I talk on the phone, and I’m already hoping this won’t be long.He continues, “The reason I’m calling tonite, Mr. Hoffler, is to inform you of some rate changes that will enable you to save money on your bill.“OK, I’m starting to get suspicious — I don’t know a company on the planet that calls me to reduce what I’m already paying them.”Mr. Hoffler, you only have one phone with Sprint. Is that correct?“Since he has interrupted me playing a game with my son (which I would normally not stop, but the number is the one I’m answering calls about selling my plane and I’m ready to get that done), I’m a little peeved and responded, “Well, if you’re from Sprint, you already know that.”  And the kind customer service rep who was so interested in saving me money… hung up.Now him hanging up saved me minutes of my day and returned me to playing with my kid, which is really what I wanted from the moment he identified himself and I knew there was no business that I wanted, needed, or asked for on the hook.  And in the back of my mind I’m a little curious if it was, in fact, my phone company (I’ll call the number back to find out, perhaps).  Assuming it was, I have a hard time believing the CEO of Run Fast Wireless wants his people hanging up on customers.  It’s something anyone faces when others speak with your brand, name, or reputation on the line.  Choose wisely and make sure people understand what they represent.BTW, in my opinion said phone company has a great phone, the service is what I need and works when and where I want it, and EVERY time I’ve interacted with them I’ve been tempted to cancel the service on the grounds that I don’t enjoy dealing with imbeciles.  Just the principle of the thing — their customer service does not Run Fast.

Be clear about what people represent and how they should do it.

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